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Art Quilt, hand painted fabric
The Journey
18"H x 28"W

I received the idea for this quilt in the early moments just before waking. I believe that God speaks to me at that time and that I'd better pay attention. I envisioned a landscape of muted yet radiant colors, pale yellow, gold, green, clouds. I gave the piece a working title of Radiant Kingdom.

The quilt is composed of 540 one inch squares of cotton fabric. My goal was to make this quilt using only my own hand-painted fabrics. I think it ended up about 80%.

I assembled the quilt working across, row by row. Each piece led to the next. In the middle an abstract landscape emerged, with a river, waterfall, clouds and mist in the center.

In the end, I named the quilt The Journey, because each piece of fabric was connected to the next, and because each piece of art I make is a journey.

I also thought about the journey of our lives. The quilt moves visually from the wide section at the bottom to a narrow area at the edge of the horizon. When we're young, we have a lot of choices, but as we age our options narrow, until at the end of our journey, wen encounter the ultimate truth about who we are and what we did with the time and talents allotted to us.